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YiluProxy Setting

Recently, an alternative to 911s5 proxy, Yiluproxy increased its online sale performance after the 911 proxy shut down in July. Our service gets lots of questions about how to get right yiluproxy (yilu.us) setting with Lalicat antidetect browser.

For this reason, the Lalicat editor talks about the yiluproxy configuration in following steps:

Preparation: We have to download Yiluproxy software from its official websitehttps://yilu.us/download/ and unzip the package. (Big Surprise: Yiluproxy launched a promotional trial for all new users.)

Note: Before setting, we should know that the configuration process and rule are the same as other proxies as follows: We can use the Proxies through IP forwarding depending on local multiple ports on a Mac or Windows system device. Here multiple ports mean you can set and run a large number of ports for connecting multiple profiles at the same time, such as set 100 ports to 100 profiles, or 500 ones in Yilu proxy. like the picture showed as follows:

Part One Port Forwarding For All IP

1. Program Settings in YiLuproxy

Login in Yiluproxy software, and run the client. We can drag Chrome browser from the computer desktop into YiluProxy [Program] firstly. Note: Here do not drag the Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser. Or, the connection of proxy and lalicat browser will be not stable.

2. General Settings in YiLu Proxy.

A. We can set [Port Forward] from 5500 to 5599 to get 100 ports for multiple port forwarding.

B. Set Bind Address:

C. Select [other proxy tools] in yilu [proxy engine settings].

D. Choose the second and fourth one as the [ProxyRules].

all showed as the following screenshot:

3. YiluProxy Port forwarding setting: forwarding one ip to one port.

There are 3 kinds of IPs in Yilu proxy, shared Static IP, dedicated static IP and rotating residential IP, All can be set as Port forwarding in following 3 steps:

A. Select the proxy server IP;

B. Right-click to get Port Forwarding information;

C. Choose the Port 5500 or 5501 as following screenshot:

4. Proxy IP setting in Lalicat Browser:

A. Create a browser profile in the Lalicat client.  

a. Type [Profile name], such as profile-1, profile-2, or profile-3.

b. Select the right [operating system](Windows, MacOs or Linux, Or Android, iPhone), Windows is recommended for the Lalicat browser based on Windows Chrome.

c. Select [Browser version] (choose 104 or above ones, including 105, 106, or 107, for lots of platforms only bypass the Lastest chrome version),

d. Get a suitable [User-Agent], such as Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/107.0.5304.88 Safari/537.36.

B. Proxy settings: socks5.

IP address:

Port: 5500. (we can set 5500 to the profile-1,  5501 to profile-2, 5502 to profile-3 and so on.)

Note: please set one port for one browser profile.  Such as profile-1 to the port:5501;profile-2 to the port:5502;profile-3 to the port:5503; etc.  all the steps listed as following screenshot:

C. Check the network to get green [proxy ip]: as above screenshot.

5. Configure more ports: set as many ports as you want to run the browser profiles, such as 100 (Port Forward: 5500-5600)or 200 (Port Forward: 5500-5700)ports on the general setting interface as following screenshot:

6. Save and run the Lalicat profile to test Yiluproxy IP( for Yilu IP is rotating, so it changed to in whoer.net in the below screenshot:

Part Two Sever IP Port Forwarding For Rotating Residential IP

1. Enter into the Yiluproxy client, find the Part of Rotating Residential IP.

2. Select the right Server IP, and right-click to get [Copy IP and Port], click it, then paste it into proxy setting in Lalicat profile through the Blue Button of [Paste Proxy Information], Proxy information including Server IP address, Server Port, Proxy Login Name and Proxy Login Password as below screenshot:

3. Save and run the profile, then check the IP in whoer.net as the Part One Steps.


Yiluproxy IP Forwarding setting divided into Port Forwarding Setting and Server Forwarding, the process in Lalicat anti-detect Browser is quite easy, just do as above steps in detail, if still any more help please contact Lalicat service: https://lalicat.com/contact-us

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