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Mon Mar 14 2022admin

What's affiliate marketing?
As all marketers know, Affiliate Marketing means promoting products and services from third-party products to some audiences you bring, and then earning a commission or affiliate fee after someone makes a purchase through your marketing links, texts, pics, or videos online.

Generally speaking, affiliate marketing makes itself extremely scalable as it is not limited by any production resources to expand its business online. However, it is only expanded in the business after overcoming the issue of multiple accounts management.
Running multiple accounts is not only important if we want to earn in affiliate marketing, but also following with large risks we need to face.

What is the problem of affiliate marketing?
As these platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon have been developing more delicate and targeted ways of detecting multiple accounts from the smallest inconsistencies in account history or behavior to similar profiles across the multiple accounts.

The moment when the account is flagged as suspicious or banned, it will potentially affect our other accounts, too.
It is rare for accounts returned back. This actually means we have to rebuild accounts with a new audience, authority, and trust- and always with the thought in mind that a ban has been hiding in the corner and will appear again anytime if we have not solved the problem with a perfect solution.

What is the best answer to reduce the risk for affiliate marketers?
The best answer to reduce the risk and keep multiple accounts safe depends on that accounts being detected by third-party platforms as a native, individual fingerprint from absolutely different users.
This means we should run separate accounts for each product or area to allow you to build authority. Likewise, having several accounts from different areas or IPs with different browser fingerprints as mentioned before. After catching the 2 key points, anyone will make money as an affiliate marketer safely, easily, and stably.

How to practice the above key points reasonably?

After running Lalicat antidetect browser with Proxy IPs, we will keep our affiliate accounts completely segregated and appear natural to the detect technology on the third-party platforms. We only need a single device to create hundreds of multilogin browser profiles with genuine, native fingerprints. Each account with a virtual browser profile will be detected from a unique and real individual device that makes our affiliate business safer, reliable to grow or increase.

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