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Oxylabs Proxy


Founded in 2015, Oxylabs is a company specializing in web data gathering and offers proxy solutions which its clients use for various activities related to market research. (View in Wikipedia ). Oxylab's advantage focus on "launching Next-Gen Residential Proxies Platform, builds on the feature-rich capabilities of its existing Residential Proxy platform," and "to ensure customers can access and gather publicly available data easily and ethically, without the risk of detection from anti-bot solutions." as Businessinsider said.

As one of Oxylarb's Partners, Lalicat Antidetect Browser can offer varied and native virtual browser fingerprints and help users manage multiple accounts online, without account association and being banned from many platforms in various industries, including E-commerce, Social Media Marketing, Survey online, Betting, Game, and others.

As one of Lalicat editors, I will help you to integrate Oxylabs Proxy with Lalicat Browser and operate multiple accounts online easily as following steps.

1.Download and install Lalicat, register an account with email, and send to service online to activate 7-day free trial.

2.Login Lalicat software and create a new browser profile.

A.Click "add profile", name the profile, choose the right [Operating System] among Windows/Android/IOS, and Choose"all" as [Browser Version], and change[User-Agent] in Bulk.(chrome 99 and above is better)

B.Choose the right [Proxy Type] from HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, Socks5, or Without Proxy. Now I choose HTTP as a proxy type for Oxylabs(Can confirm with their service online about the Proxy Type). Enter into ***.oxylabs.io and 7**** as the IP address and Port. (can get them from Oxylabs service).

C.Enter Login Proxy Username and Login Proxy Password from Oxylabs( Ask their service)

D. Save the profile and Check the Proxy. Click [Check the Proxy], if showed the green IP address, country/region. Congratulation, your setting is absolutely right.

Check the Proxy

If not, you need to contact Lalicat or Oxylabs Service Online timely.

3. Run Lalicat profile.

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