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Proxy-Seller is a provider of private IPv4, IPv6, and rotating Mobile 4G/LTE proxies. The company has improved many times since its’ launch in 2014.
We have received a lot of setting requests from our users, so now we can show how to set up a proxy from Proxy-Seller in the Lalicat Anti-detect browser.

First of all, we’d like to mention the main features of Proxy-Seller services:

  • 45+ Locations to choose an IP from;
  • Both HTTP(S) & Socks5 protocols are issued in the order;
  • No registration is required to purchase;
  • Internet connection channel speed is up to 1 Gbps;
  • The price per IPv4 proxy starts at $0.98, IPv6 starts at $0.16, and rotating Mobile 4G/LTE starts at $12.

Step-by-step proxy settings from Proxyseller in Lalicat:

Visit the Proxy-Seller website and select the needed proxy protocol. As an example, we’ll select IPv4 US proxy.

  1. Visit the Proxy-Seller website and select the needed proxy protocol. As an example, we’ll select IPv4 US proxy.
  1. Select the ready-made package of proxies, or type in the required number of proxies. We’ll get one.
  1. Fill out the order form. After you select the package you should select:
  1. Select a goal - this simply means your purpose. In our case, it will be social networks.
  2. Select a service - be specific with the service you are going to work on.
  3. Select rental period.
  4. Choose the proxy authorization method - authorization by the main IP address will work only if your main IP is static, we’ll choose by login/username and password.
  5. Type in your e-mail, so you will be automatically registered, the order details and data will be sent via e-mail as well as displayed in your account panel;
  6. Select a payment method that is suitable for you;
  7. Press the “Pay” button and complete the transaction. You can also use the LALICAT20 promo code. This will make the cost cheaper by 20%.

4. Once you have an individual proxy from Proxyseller, download and register an account in Lalicat, and open the profile configuration in the Lalicat Antidetect Browser, create a new one by clicking on the “Add Browser Profile” button.

5. Select the protocol by clicking on the box after the “proxy setting” inscription, type in the IP address of a proxy, port, login, and password of proxy authorization.

6. Check the setting by clicking on the “Check the network” button. If the inscription is displayed in green showing the IP of a proxy and the location you selected while purchasing IP, then everything is working properly. But if the inscription is displayed in red, then you should re-check the setting or re-enter the data.

7. Select other parameters you need (user-agent, OS, etc) and save your browser profile.

The proxy is configured properly in Lalicat Browser. We recommend using 1 profile per 1 IPv4/IPv6 proxy, to avoid blocking. Also, we recommend buying rotating mobile 4G/LTE proxies, as this format is the most secure and reliable, and they automatically rotate the IP address, so you can use more than 1 profile per 1 proxy. The setting of mobile proxies from Proxyseller is the same as mentioned IPv4 setting above.

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