How does an anti-fingerprint browser solve the potential threats brought by fingerprinting?

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Our life and work are inseparable from the Internet, but have you found that the development of the Internet also quietly interfers in our life. When you are worried about choosing products, web advertising will give you several relevant options. When you open a website, it will automatically log in to your account for you. The price of the convenience brought to us by the Internet is - sacrificing personal privacy on the Web. This is also the reason why many people dislike browser fingerprinting and use anti-fingerprinting browsers.

Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser

The era of fingerprints has arrived
In recent years, more and more people have spoken out against third-party cookies. But even so, privacy concerns on the Internet remain unsolved, as there is a new, more modern technology, browser fingerprinting, that provides 90 percent accuracy in identifying users on the Internet. Browser fingerprinting takes a comprehensive approach, and "personality" is defined through a variety of attributes that combine to form a unique trace specific to a particular user.

Such signals include:

  1. Technical characteristics of the device – software, CPU, RAM, etc.
  2. Local settings - language, time zone.
  3. Device data sent by the browser through user-agent.

Even disabling the use of third-party cookies doesn't solve the browser's privacy concerns. Since user identification on the World Wide Web can be done successfully without them. In this case, circumvention software and proxies are useless.

These services only allow bypassing blocks and viewing websites that are banned in specific countries. In this case, only the IP of the device is replaced, they cannot replace other parameters that are part of the fingerprint.

Potential Threats of Browser Fingerprinting:
Aggregated user data is ultimately stored in the analytics platform's database, which is then sold to third parties. The information will fall into the hands of ad networks, which use it to target broadcast ads. At worst, it falls into the hands of cybercriminals, and you could fall victim to phishing which costs you financially.

All this information theft is carried out with the help of the browser and with the tacit consent of its developers. In addition, the company that released the software itself profited from the violation of user privacy. They also use the statistics collected for their own purposes.

Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser - the best way to prevent browser recognition
But maybe some browsers can provide more anonymity on the internet. After all, not all software publishers pursue only commercial interests. In general, a professional anti-fingerprint browser will not block third-party cookies and trackers, but will perform fingerprint spoofing.

Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser by replacing fingerprints, users can customize and modify fingerprint parameters in the profile of Lalicat, use fake fingerprints to detect websites, and use SSL encryption technology to provide users with real information and data is encrypted to ensure the security of user information.

In many industries that attach importance to browser information security, anti-fingerprint browsers are essential tools, including social media marketing, advertising, cross-border e-commerce, etc. Therefore, anti-fingerprint browsers are gradually replacing traditional browsers to a certain extent, and have become a necessity for daily work.

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