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What is e-commerce and how does it work?

Narrowly speaking, E-commerce is a business online of getting profit through purchasing and selling products or services on the internet. Different from traditional offline trade, E-commerce performs business online through third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, or Alibaba, or own websites hosted on platforms like Shopify, or hosted by own servers. Widely speaking, it contains ToB and ToC modes, as well as Online to Offline, which absolutely changed the traditional offline mode. As above stated, the fields E-commerce business could cover are almost completely unlimited. Most of all, the key point focus on "E-commerce", which means electronic or online commerce, is equal to "online trade".

How do e-commerce stores and dropshippers make money?

Online retailers have boomed under the coronavirus pandemic, but it still has been lots of opportunities though the market seems becoming more crowded. For many sellers in Amazon, eBay, Lazada example, the key to making money from these platforms is to spread the different products across multiple online stores, and catch more opportunities to place them in the front of views area on the platform page to your customers. It also means you can expand your full product range without being limited by your brand - if you add products in different categories on amazon or eBay, and do not need to fit them into one brand and one category.

What is dropshipping?
Different from the narrow concept of E-commerce, which needs to purchase a large inventory of products, dropshipping means dropshipper do not keep the inventory in stock themself. Instead, dropshipper advertise the products for sale, accept the orders from the customers and then pass those orders on to the party that does hold the inventory.

Is running e-commerce or dropshipping business risky?

If we are running multiple e-commerce accounts, we also run the risk of platforms like eBay, Facebook, and Amazon banning our accounts. If accounts are detected as operated by the same user, they will be automatically flagged as suspicious and suspended, maybe caused by some detailed mismatch or parameters in browser fingerprint, including GEO location, IP, suspicious OS, or behavior. It is a big risk even lost for online E-commerce businesses.

So how do we stop it?
The best way is to install an antidetect browser like Lalicat that will provide us with hundreds of segregated virtual browser profiles in detected as native, genuine fingerprints instead of blocking platforms from reading the browser fingerprint.
All that is to keep our multiple accounts safe and unbanned.

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