An efficient Amazon review method – Managing Multi accounts

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amazon reviews
amazon reviews

Amazon reviews have always been one of the ways for many Amazon sellers to be quickly familiar with the market, get reviews, and increase sales. At the same time, the Amazon platform’s control over reviews is getting stricter and stricter. The reviews are getting more and more difficult, and if not done properly, it may lead to serious consequences such as account banning.

So, how to safely and effectively carry out Amazon reviews has become an issue that many sellers are concerned about. Today let's take a look at its various ways.

1. Amazon VINE

Amazon has launched its own VINE program while cracking down on reviews year after year. Sellers who sign up for this program can pay a fee to send their products to an official Amazon reviewer and get a review.  It is faster to get reviews this way. And such reviews are widely recognized by buyers since these Amazon reviewers are chosen based on their reviewer ranking on Amazon.

However, if you want to enroll in the vine program, you need to pass Amazon's brand verification and pay up to $200 for each ASIN you enroll in. This is certainly a huge expense for small and medium-sized sellers. Secondly, buyers in the VINE program are picking up products by themselves. So if your product is niche or unpopular, no one may be interested in it and it is difficult to achieve the intended effect of the review. Also, you can't contact the buyers in the VINE program, so the quality of the reviews can be out of control. Even if the product quality is excellent, you may encounter a few reviewers who don't like the product and give a bad review. Such a negative review is also carried with the official label, which has an effect on the following business.

2. Review service provider

For most things, an intermediary may not be the best quality solution, but it is a solution worth trying. And there are many service providers who specialize in Amazon-related businesses, including Amazon review services.

Busy sellers do not need to pay attention to many details if the evaluation is carried out by the service provider. They only need to pay and make arrangements, as the hands-off shopkeepers, and then they just wait for the reviews to show up.

However, working with an unfamiliar intermediary has a rather high risk. If you encounter an irresponsible intermediary, you may get a bad review by mistake or even lose your money and item. And when you make reviews for multiple products, it will be more dangerous because of account association.

3. Social networks review

Posting information and contacting reviewers through social media platforms has been a method of review since the early days of Amazon. You need to register an account on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media and post product information. When a user follows or likes, you can go on with reviews. Plus, you can contact those targeted users whose posts involved related keywords or hashtags.

For small brands or new accounts, this rudimentary approach has low efficiency and consumes a lot of labor and time. Plus, as more and more people learn about reviews, there are more and more cases of fraud. It is possible to contact scammers or repeated buyers with other accounts to seek the goods again, thus putting the seller's account at risk.

In addition, contacting lots of users with a single account can easily be judged as harassment by social media platforms. So many social media marketers choose to use an anti fingerprint browser like Lalicat for the operation to open multiple accounts for information release and collection.

4. Self-developed accounts for Amazon review.

You can also create and foster dozens of accounts by yourself to help with Amazon reviews as a job. Accounts login and access through multiple profiles created by anti fingerprint browser and yiluproxy can significantly avoid the case of account association. Then you can foster dozens of accounts similar to Amazon personal shoppers after s series of registration, browsing, and purchases.

Once you have developed dozens of accounts, you are able to make reviews more efficient, more stable, and more secure compared to other review methods. It is foreseeable that sellers who want to make their mark on Amazon will need a group of their own review accounts to assist in their operations.

While Amazon reviews are getting harder and harder, there are still many ways to proceed with them. Whether you go the traditional route of social media reviews or create your own review accounts, you need an anti-fingerprint browser to help with multiple account creation. And many people who need Amazon reviews choose to use the Lalicat Browser to help with account operations and reviews. How does it benefit your Amazon review?

First of all, Lalicat sets up a differentiated login environment for each account through the fingerprint technology of the virtual browser. You can also configure a separate IP for each profile so as to ensure complete account security. At the same time, its cloud synchronization technology keeps the network environment consistent at any time and anywhere so that it doesn’t matter even when working from home.

Secondly, Lalicat anti fingerprint browser supports an API automation interface, which is convenient to go through the early stage of registration and account maintenance with some automation programs, greatly improving working efficiency.

Finally, Laliat supports cross-regional teamwork. Not only can you try it for free, but you can also buy custom packages based on your needs, which can greatly save the cost of account creation and maintenance.

Hope everyone can find a suitable method for Amazon reviews!

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