How to ensure stable login of Facebook account through antidetect browser?

Fri Sep 09 2022admin

Have you ever been troubled by the issue of your Facebook account being blocked for a long time? Facebook is a global social software with hundreds of millions of users. It itself has a huge database, which will make good use of big data to analyze user behavior and optimize the platform.

Facebook will determine the user's behavior in the following ways

  1. Tracking cookies

Through the tracking of cookies, it is easy to understand the user's web browsing behavior. When the user logs in to the Facebook account, he visits other websites at the same time. Through the tracking of the cookie, you can know the sites the user visits.

  1. Analyze user preferences

When you click a "like" on someone else's photo, Facebook can easily predict the user's personality and preferences, and at the same time push you corresponding content based on this sensitive information.

  1. Facial recognition technology and image analysis

Facebook uses facial recognition technology to identify and track users in other web and other users' profiles using images shared by users. At the same time, it provides users with annotation suggestions through image analysis.

Facebook's database accurately identifies each user, and when you log in to Facebook, it already knows who you are. Therefore, when our browser network environment is not secure enough, or the IP of the circumvention software is not stable enough, it is easy to trigger facebook's risk control, resulting in account closure or deactivation. To solve the security problem of the network environment, the most scientific and effective way is to use Lalicat antidetect browser.

Lalicat Antidetect Browser

Why the antidetect browser can guarantee the stable login of the account?

Because Lalicat browser can simulate any device in the world as long as it is matched with a clean static IP, through the preset configuration file, we can use the browser environment fixedly, and no longer log in from different places or the network environment is abnormal. Unable to log in to the account.

Not only that, but Lalicat antidetect browser also supports the creation of multiple browser environments, which allows us to log in to multiple Facebook accounts on one computer at the same time to achieve simultaneous management and operation of multiple accounts. At the same time, the browser configuration files created with Lalicat can also be transmitted and shared, which is very suitable for team use, and is also very convenient for collaboration and handover at work.

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