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How ticketing business work?

The ticketing business essentially operated as a middle service, for instance, reselling tickets for concerts.
It is a business that relies absolutely on speed in the following process: for tickets selling fast for a large event, you need to be able to get in there and buy in bulk first, then transfer to a pool for resale at a higher price. that is generally called "buying and holding approach". After prices have risen, always when the demand has beyond far further than supply, you can resale it at a higher price. the final profit is from the price gap between the purchase price and resale price.

Actually speaking, the whole process is more complicated and requires careful strategizing and analysis.

What is the best way to operate a ticketing business?

As we have mentioned before, for anyone who wants to get profit from online ticketing, multiple accounts to be able to help you buy tickets in bulk rapidly and spread the dangers, and maintain stable profitability.
However, it also needs to plan carefully to avoid another risk from the detection of ticket platforms as suspicious behavior and ban your accounts.

In most areas around the world, ticket resellers use Lalicat's multiple browser profiles to run hundreds and thousands of accounts, complete the purchasing tasks in bulk and rapidly, without the need for significant expensive resources, such as virtual machines.

Also, In Lalicat Browser software, the management of multiple team members is also available for large operation of ticketing purchase and resale online.

How do ticket resellers get profit from it?

Firstly, making careful and absolute research in details on the events to decide if they will be profitable, also take concert ticket as an example, we need to research its popularity rate online through the search volume on the concert topic, and history data of this kind of concert, and other aspects possibly involved in.

Secondly, It is about speed. a delayed purchase even as little as 20 seconds in large events can cause a big difference between acquiring numerous tickets and getting nothing from sellers or ticket platforms. So that we need to operate rapidly to purchase them. Multiple accounts Operation is just one of the aspects to purchasing AMAP at a certain time limit.

Thirdly, we need to make a careful prediction on resale effectively including the resale price and time spot when supply is low but demand is still high.

How to avoid multiple accounts being detected by the ticket platform?
Although managing multiple accounts rightly seems like a small part of all the steps, actually is also a key. Maintaining the multiple accounts safe and anti detected from like Ticketmaster or AXS.com is dependent on the software antidetect technology, especially on the browser fingerprint. The browser fingerprint consists of many parameters, from the OS, hardware, resolution, to browser fonts, plugins, extensions, and more.
Here comes Lalicat antidetect browser, in which you can run each of the ticketing accounts on an isolated virtual browser profile with a customized fingerprint as mentioned before, also appears as a native, genuine device to the third platform. That all, the safety and antidetectability of your accounts login the Lalicat Browser will keep your ticketing business stable and profitable now.

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