Traffic Arbitrage

Mon Mar 14 2022admin

What is traffic arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage is the process of purchasing traffic and reselling it at a higher price. through reselling, that means driving the traffic to a website or landing page on which you have sold advertising space, or by publishing directly to the publisher's page on which their own ads are located.

The popular traffic sources include contextual advertising, teaser and banner networks.

The price gap between the cost of getting the traffic and reselling price (though most of them are impossible to convert) is your profit, therefore it has to be very significant enough to be successful.

How do multiple profiles help you get traffic arbitrage?
This really is a game of numbers.
For the traffic is unpredictability - whether the traffic or its conversion rates- you need to be well spread to start building up an available business. Depending on rare sources is a much risky strategy. especially when you add in the risk of account bans.

As above we have explained, the websites have increasingly sophisticated ways of detecting to detect the behavior they regard as suspicious, including through the detailed inconsistencies in the browser fingerprint. if it is flagged, you will probably find your account banned.

What will impact the conversion rate when you redirect traffic?

here we can conclude it as 2 factors.
Firstly It is the quality of ads and landing page: Is it claim a clear issue or topic and a reliable reason for shopping.

Secondly, it is the quality of traffic.
Hot Traffic, related to the hot topic or news traffic; Cold Traffic- they actually are not searching the product or service you redirect to.

How to stop multiple accounts suspended?
The key point here is that each account must look like a genuinely independent identity- that is why there are so many arbitrage entrepreneurs who make their business stable based on Lalicat Browser. Through Lalicat Browser, you can create hundreds or even thousands of multilogin browser profiles that are understood as completely native, separated browser fingerprints. They are completely isolated that never leak identifying factors, cookies, and so on from each other. Through this way, you can confirm that your business is built on a stronger foundation - rather than wondering if this is just of matter of time to cause an account ban.

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